Rayna + Aaron, Build a Life | Lyons Farmette, Lyons | Colorado Wedding Videographer


The best thing about a Colorado wedding is there are so many unique places to get married.  On top of a mountain, in the heart of Denver, or a cute little farmette just outside Boulder, CO.  I just love this place!  It's magical!  And the perfect setting for Rayna and Aaron's big day!  Rayna was drop dead gorgeous in her gown, and I loved the little details in Aaron's style.  Their maid of honor also had one of the best toasts I have ever heard (and I've heard a lot) but unfortunately, it's not in this quick little trailer.  Just know it was hilarious.  But you will hear their sweet vows and see the love between these awesome people!  And there are llamas... but you will not see me with llamas, I'm not a huge fan of farm animals, they terrify me.  But that's what second shooters are for!  

Rayna and Aaron!  Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your wedding day!  It truly was so special and I wish you both all the happiness in your new life together!

The People who made it all happen:

Coordinator: Purple Summer Events
Photographer: Alchemy Creative
Venue: The Lyons Farmette
Make Up: Liana Kathryn
Hair: Da'cia McGee
Floral: MJM Design
Caterer: Zolo Grill
Rentals: Colorado Party Rentals
Smores: Nineteen27

Malorie + Danny, The Happiest | The Sanctuary Golf Course | Colorado Wedding Videographer


Malorie is an old friend of mine.  We used to do gymnastics together way back when, and I just love it with past friends allow me to capture their wedding day!  It just makes it extra special for me.  it's crazy to see how she's grown up and the loving relationship she has with Danny.  Danny is funny, determined, and the way he looks at my friend is all anyone could ask for!  Their wedding at The Sanctuary Golf Course in Sadalia was to die for as well!  Danny's family owns a few Mexican restaurants (that just happen to be my favorite) and their Mariachi band was there to celebrate the couple and serenade the guest at cocktail hour.  It was definitely a first for me!  And let's not forget about the epic sunset the venue provides!

Mal and Danny, thank you so much for allowing me to capture your wedding day!  It truly was an amazing day!  I wish you guys all the best in your future together!!

The People who made it happen:

Venue: The Sanctuary Golf Course
Coordinator: Steffany Howard
DJ: Elite DJ
Hair and Makeup: Vivid Boutique & Salon
Dress: d'Anelli Bridal
Floral: Flower Power Wash Park

Lauren + Derek, Hidden Places | Crooked Willow Farms | Colorado Wedding Videographer


They say it's good luck to have rain on your wedding day, but a lot of brides feel like people say that just to make them feel better.  I hope, in the case of Lauren and Derek that it's true!  They braved heavy rain and wind at their Crooked Willow Farms wedding, but luckily they had a breathtaking rain back up in the loft of the barn.  The candles and soft light make the space so romantic!  And despite the rain, they both kept on smiling and in the end they each got to marry their person, and share their first dance under the stars... before it started raining again.

I just love the words from the poem Derek chose to read.  It was the most perfect back drop to their sneak peek film!  And Lauren's dress was all drama with the fitted top and explosion of amazingness at the bottom!  I was so honored to be able to capture their day!  Despite the rain, everything was beautiful and I'm wishing them year of happiness to come!

The People who made it happen:

Coordinator/Planner: TGE Events
Venue: Crooked Willow Farms
Photographer: Elevate Photography
DJ: Elite DJ
Florist: Olive and Poppy
Caterer: Biscuits & Berries

Eileen + Chris, Adventure Buddies | Winding River Ranch, Granby | Colorado Wedding Videographer


I just love when couples are able to truly bring themselves into their wedding and their celebration!  And Eileen and Chris did just that.  From our first meeting at a brewery in the blistering heat, I knew they were such a special couple!  I was so excited for their adventure themed wedding at Winding River Ranch in Granby, Colorado.  And it was such a perfect day!  The weather, the atmosphere, and the couple all pulled together for an amazing day!  And we'll just forget about the giant moose standing just 50 yards away from the ceremony the whole time.  And the fact that I was the closest thing to it!  

Eileen and Chris truly are Adventure Buddies!  From travel, to hiking, to jumping out of planes, they never seem to say no to a new experience.  So here's to many many more adventures fueled by the love between you two!  Thank you for allowing us to capture your love story!

The people who made it happen:

Planner/Coordinator: The Day Of
Venue: Winding River Ranch
DJ: The DJ Connection
HAMU: Ahhh Mobile Spa
Floral: Moonlight Iris Florist
Caterer: Colorado Pig Rig
Photographer: Caroline Colvin Photography

Nina and Adam, From the Heart | Sunspot Lodge, Winter Park, CO | Colorado Wedding Videographer


This job of mine has taken me lots of places this summer.  But driving up a ski hill to Nina and Adams wedding was definitely a fist.  Luckily I had an expert navigator and outdoorsy person as my second shooter helping me out, because I would have gotten lost.  haha!  But the drive along twisty dirt roads, and dodging mountain bikers was worth it because the views from the Sunspot Lodge were breathtaking!  360 degree mountains views! 

When I met with Nina, I knew her wedding was going to be beautiful and one heck of a party.  And it was!  As her new husband put it, Nina looked like a fairy tale princess, and they guys has some great style as well!  I also loved Nina's bold bouquet choice, while her maids flowers were softer to go along with their gray toned dresses.  They even had a confetti cannon!  Which I 100% recommend to everyone.  I think I might get one for my living room...

Nina and Adam, thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your wedding day!  It truly was and honor, and I wish you all the best in this new adventure together!

Mara + Tim, Forever and Always | Larkspur, CO | Colorado Wedding Videographer

Oh man!  I look forward to every wedding I get to film, but I was especially excited to film Mara and Tim's wedding.  I got the opportunity to film them prior to their big day for their Love Story Film (if you haven't watched it, click here!  It's so sweet!).  Which was so nice, because these two live in Australia, and just a phone conversation was difficult.  I had a blast getting to know them, and despite the fact they hate the cold, I took them to the park when it was 30 degrees.

So of course their wedding would be overcast, windy, and only 75 degrees!  When the average had been in the 90s!  But the other reason I was so excited to film their wedding is because they were married at Flying Horse Ranch, a new venue in Larkspur that is gorgeous!  But that's not why I was excited.  This is actually where I was married almost 7 years ago, before it became a major venue and was owned by my dad's friend.  I hadn't been back in a long time and it was so special to be back!

I kept saying that Mara looked like a woodland fairy princess!  Her bridal look was so sweet and fit the venue perfectly!  And if you can't tell from the video, I'm pretty much obsessed with her dress and it's movement!  Tim is probably the sweetest guy you have ever met, and in every look I can just see how much he adores Mara.  Mara and Tim, thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your love story!  I'm so glad we were able to brave the rain, cold, and wind to create some beautiful magic on your wedding day!  I wish you all the best in the future and am so grateful I can help you relive your wedding day!

Vendors who made it happen:

Venue: Flying Horse Ranch
Planner: Sarah Evans
DJ: Elite Entertainment
Hair and Makeup: Brandi Martinez
Dress: a&bé bridal shop
Florist: Amber Mustain
Caterer: Food Designers
Rentals: Details Delivered
Bar: Peak Beverage
Dessert: Salted Sweets
Ceremony Musician: Casey Marie Music
Photographer: Allison Easterling

Kayla + Kevan Change Your Life | Granby Ranch, CO | Colorado Destination Wedding Videographer


Colorado is an amazing and beautiful place!  I mean check out the view that was the backdrop for Kayla and Kevan's ceremony!  And all the aspen trees were a Colorado dream!  I can't imagine what a wedding would be like there in the fall.  *Le Sigh* But there are a few things I could definitely do without here in Colorado, and they almost all have to do with bugs!  I very much dislike bugs!  And 15 min into my 2 hour drive home I found one in my hair!  Needless to say, I spent and hour and 45 minutes swatting at imaginary bugs and made my husband check me for ticks when I got home!

But enough about Colorado and my bug troubles, we're here to talk about Kayla and Kevan.  Their Granby Ranch wedding was stunning!  From the colors to the dreamy setting it definitely had Colorado written all over it!  Guests even had to hop on a ski lift to make it up to the ceremony site.  These two are truly meant to be!  Fate fully brought them together in the most modern way possible!  But, I'll let the video tell the story for now...

Thank you so much Kayla and Kevan for allowing me to capture your wedding day!  It was such a great time and I wish you all the best in your new adventure together!

Vendor's who made it all happen:

Planner: Ansley Event Design
Venue: Granby Ranch
Florist: The Stalk Market
DJ: The DJ Guy
Photographer: Kind Honey Photography
Photo Booth: Ear 2 Ear Photo Booths

Heather + Rob, The Search | Beaver Creek, CO | Destination Wedding Video


Who would have thought that my wedding back in March would be a beautiful sunny 80 degree day, and my wedding in May would be threatened by several inches of snow!  That's just Colorado for you.  You really never know what spring with be like!  Luckily for Heather and Rob, the snow decided to melt away and the sun shone through the clouds to make for one beautiful day.

Though I'm not positive they would have minded the snow.  These two met at this very mountain as they both worked for the ski school program at Beaver Creek.  Though they have now moved on, living elsewhere, pursuing dreams (Heather just graduated from Vet school), Beaver Creek will always hold a special place in their heart.

Heather and Rob, thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your big day!  I'm wishing you both all the happiness in this next chapter, and a love that grows deeper every year!

Welcome Bridger Elliott! | Colorado New Born Photographer

I realize that baby Bridger is going on 4 months now, but there's no time like the present to finally share his new born photos!  If you missed his beautiful Birth Story, be sure to watch it.  But between the video, I took some photos as well.  I loved photographing this cutie and his parents.  They are adorable people and they have an adorable house.  So many colors, beautiful light, and teal.  Have I mentioned that I love teal?  (check out my logo, wink wink)  And don't forget to take in the amazing photo their friend made for them of the mountains that are Bridger's namesake.

Rebecca + Jacob, The Best Life | Estes Park Destination Wedding | Colorado Wedding Video


You know when everyone around you is smiling, you can't help but smile too?  Well that's what it is like to look through the footage from Rebecca and Jacob's Wedding.  These two are so in love, best friends, and always trying to surprise each other.  Really.  Jacob's proposal video was a total surprise to Rebecca with messages from friends and family, then I helped Rebecca make a similar video to surprise Jacob on their wedding day.  Not to be out done, Jacob and his groomsmen immediately set to work on a choreographed dance to "Tale as Old as Time" to surprise Rebecca at the reception.  And if that is any indication, Rebecca and Jacob have an amazing life together a head of them!

I love how these two smiled through their whole day!  Anytime we asked them to pose a certain way, they just fell into it and soaked in the moment.  And their first dance (they kind of had two) really showcased the fun they have together and how they can each be themselves.  It's the type of love everyone searches for and Rebecca and Jacob are so lucky to have it!

Rebecca and Jacob, thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your wedding day!  I'm looking forward to many more hours smiling like an idiot in front of my computer screen at Starbucks, editing together your films!

The Vendors that made it all happen:

Venue: Della Terra Mountain Chateau
Planner: Ansley Event Design
String Quartet: A Touch of Class
DJ: Ben Burney
Hair: Liz Laurich
Make up: Beauty on Location
Florist: Newberry Brothers
Caterer: Footer's Catering
Cake: Colorado Rose Cake
Photographer: Elizabeth Ann Photography

Audry + Brian Wedding Sneak Peek | The Sanctuary, Sedalia, CO | Colorado Wedding Videographer

It's wedding season!!!  And I could totally add some more exclamation points on there.  But I won't, I'm an adult.  And what better way to kick off the wedding season than an unseasonably warm March wedding!  Audry and Brian really lucked out!  80 degrees when this time last year we were getting over 20 inches of snow!  But their day was so beautiful and you could see into the vistas of Daniels Park for miles!

Audry and Brian opted for a first touch, which was so unique and special.  They read hand written notes and prayed before their ceremony.  A fun alternative to a first look!  Their friends and family sure know how to have a good time too!  It didn't take much to get them on the dance floor!  An just try to keep your mouth closed when you are checking out their bride and groom portraits!

Audry and Brian, it was such an honor to film your wedding and such a great way to kick off the season!  Enjoy!

To see more weddings please visit our Weddings page.  If you are looking for a wedding video of you own, contact me!  I'd love to hear from you!

Vendor Spotlight - TGE Events | Colorado Wedding Planning | Wedding Videographer

I get to work with some super awesome vendors, so I wanted to share some of them with you if you are looking for some great vendors to help out with your wedding day!  In today's spotlight, it's TGE Events, an awesome event planning and coordinating company here in Denver.  They are such an awesome group and they are amazing at what they do!  I always enjoy working with them and I even do a promo film with them every year and it's one of my favorite shoots!  So here are a few reasons why I highly recommend them!

Thinking about a video for your wedding?  Contact us and let's chat about how your want to capture your big day!

How To Set Up Your Filming Space | Small Business Video | Business Videographer

KLP office

So, A) here's a little peek at my office!  I love it and I'm forever grateful to my hubby for painting the awesome stripes!  And, B) I want to talk to you all about how to set up your own filming space!  It definitely helps make your video look more professional when filming for social media.  So here are 3 things to avoid when choosing a space to film in and how to fix them!

Interested in a video for your business?  Contact me about your goals and a custom quote!

Defining My Why | KLP Vlog | Colorado Videographer

A big question one has to ask when starting their business is to "define your why".  It's harder than it sounds, but so important!  This why is the cornerstone for your product, marketing, website copy.  It's the lifeblood of your business and what keeps you going!  So today, I want to share my why.  Why I spend hours pouring over every decision I make in this business and what I want to do for the people I come in contact with!

My Top 5 Wedding Venues | KLP Vlog | Colorado Wedding Videographer

I've spent the majority of my life in Colorado and I really don't regret a single moment!  It's such a beautiful state with beautiful scenery!  I'm so lucky to get to film weddings here!  So I've compiled my top 5 wedding venues in Colorado to hopefully help you if you are still trying to make a decision!  What one is your favorite?

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Top 5 Reasons You Need a Wedding Video | KLP Blog | Colorado Wedding Videographer

Though it's been growing in popularity, wedding video is still pretty low on the list of priorities for weddings!  Crazy I know!  I think there is still a little mentality that your wedding film will be like your parents' from the 80's.  Well, this ain't your mama's wedding video!  our videos now are cinematic, beautiful, and full of your love story!  And that's just one reason... click play to hear all my reasons why you need a wedding video!

Are you convinced?  We still have 2017 dates available!  Be sure to Contact Us!  Are you having a wedding video?  Do you regret not having one?  Do you gush every time you see yours!  Share with us in the comments!

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Video is a crazy powerful tool for your business!  It's taking over as the preferred way to reach your audience.  Just look at all the features Facebook and Instagram have been adding!  Here a just a few reasons why you should consider a professional video for your website.  Check out some examples on my Business Page, and if you want to jump forward, contact me for more details!

A little more about me! | KLP Blog | Colorado Wedding Videographer

Hey team!  One of my 2017 goals is to blog more and since I'm a video company and I preach that every company should have more video, I decided to start a video blog!  Though being in front of the camera is not exactly my comfort zone!  But here's one a little bit more about me!  Look for some more videos about behind the scenes of KLP, business and wedding tips and information!  I hope to help you with the next big move in your life!


Mara + Tim | A Love Story | Colorado Wedding Videographer

When I first started setting up Mara and Tim's love story filming, one of the first things she told me was "we don't really like the cold", so naturally I thought we should go to Wash Park!  Ok, we settled on Wash Park and Sugar Bake Shop!

Sometimes I don't get to meet my couples until their filming day for various reasons.  But I got to meet Mara and Tim on their whirlwind stop in Denver all the way from Australia.  Tim is from there originally and Mara knew she had a good thing and moved over there with him.  Mara also told me Tim might be a little camera shy, but you'll see, he is clearly not!

They have the type of love that I love to film!  Comfortable with each other, quick to laugh, and truly best friends.  It's easy to give one little direction and then hang back while things just develop on their own.  I asked them to type up a love note to each other on the vintage typewriter, and even though the M had some trouble, they still managed to say some... eh... sweet words (I think most of it was an inside joke ;)). 

You might want to make sure you aren't drinking some kind of beverage for this, because their proposal story is the best!  Typically, my couples opt to tell their story together, but Mara and Tim wanted to tell theirs separately, and each account makes the story that much sweeter!

I can't wait to film Mara and Tim's wedding this summer at the venue I was married at so long ago!  I haven't been back since and I'm excited to see these two start a new adventure together!

To see more Love Story Films, visit our Life Page.  To view our weddings, head to the Weddings Page.  Looking for someone to capture your love story?  Contact us!