Music Monday | White Dress by Ben Rector

Music plays a huge part in the emotion and tempo of every film I do.  I don't even start editing until I've decided on music!  It's the life breath of my films.  I'm not musically talented.  I sang in the choir in high school, but I can't play an instrument to save my life.  Years of dance and cheerleading has sparked my love of music, and how, when put correctly with video, it can evoke powerful emotions.

This week's song is White Dress by Ben Rector.  I love how playful this track is!  I try not to cut too quickly in wedding films, but I can just see all the fun quick cuts I could make at the beginning of the song.  Like ninja editing!  Then the lyrics come in and everything just gets richer.  I would use this track for the opening of a feature.  Imagine all the details, getting ready, and the first look playing over this song.  mmmm... cinematic amazingness!

This song is available to be used in your wedding feature or sneak peak via  Feel free to contact me about wedding films, and how we choose what songs go into your film!