Sarah & Eduar Sneak Peek | Red Rocks Country Club | Colorado Wedding Videographer

Since this is a new blog, I'll share some of my older work like it's new!  Then we won't get bored!

Today, I'm sharing Sarah and Eduar's sneak peek film from their wedding last July.  Sarah is a good friend of my sister, my sister is actually one of the bridesmaids.  Try and pick her out ;).

I had so much fun filming this wedding!  Sarah is so full of life and laughter, while Eduar is the source of that laughter.  He literally could not stop laughing, he is probably the happiest man I have ever met.  Eduar is from El Salvador, and his family brought a lot of flair to the dance floor.  I had a blast filming every one dancing as the night went on.  They also had one of the best golden hours ever!  The sun was just perfect, with the red rocks set behind them.  I was in videography heaven.

Between the laughing and the dancing, there were plenty of sweet moments.  Moments when you could see the endearing love between Sarah and Eduar.  They truly have an exciting and fulfilling life ahead of them.  Congratulations again Sarah and Eduar!