Why Video? | Book Your 2015 Wedding Today!

Often times, wedding films play second fiddle to photography, which is fine, we are huge fans of photography.  But there are so many reasons to have a wedding film along with your photos.  I'll briefly outline a few, but look for some in depth blog post coming up soon!

First, and probably the biggest advantage to a wedding film is the sound.  We are able to use your vows, speeches, and ceremony to tell the story of your lives together and the story of your wedding day.  You'll be able to go back and relive the hilarity of your best man's speech, or the emotion in your father's voice as he gives you away.  There is a rule in filmmaking that bad picture can be forgiven, but bad sound can ruin a film.  It's just that important.

Next, the importance of movement.  We like to capture what we call the "in between" moments.  These moment fall in between your photographer telling you how to stand, where to look, the moments where you look at each other and have a unspoken conversation.  We love those moments.  And often times they are fluid and have movement, things that can't be captured in a single frame.  Film also allows us to capture your friends and family dancing, laughing, that hug with your grandmother.  It's great to remember you day as your mind remembers it, through movement.

The final reason why a wedding film is also an asset, is it's ability to capture the day as it happened and allows you to relive the day.  Nothing will tug at your heart strings more than the visual of the groom tearing up as his bride moves down the aisle, and nothing will allow you to completely relive that moment than film.  Your wedding day will move so quickly, and a film will allow you to go back and see all the details your mind passed by.  It truly is an amazing way to relive the best day of your life.

So enjoy this short film I put together to show you the potential your wedding film could have.  We'd love to talk to you about your 2015 or beyond wedding and how we can best capture your day!