Aimee + Trevor Sneak Peek | Union Station, Denver | Colorado Wedding Videographer

When Aimee and Trevor told me their reception would be in the basement of Union Station in Denver, Colorado, I have to admit I was a little nervous.  Would it be light enough?  Big enough?  A Google search and poll of fellow videographers and photographers turned up nothing, so I was going in blind!  But what a surprise!  It was absolutely amazing!

Aimee is the cutest person ever!  She was practically bubbling with excitement on her wedding day, she just could not wait to marry Trevor.  Trevor seemed cool, calm, and collected at first, but once we got them together, you could see his love for Aimee radiate from him.  You could just tell he knew he was the luckiest man alive.  Probably my favorite moment from the entire wedding (which unfortunately didn't make the Sneak Peek cut) was when the Deacon moved in the proceedings and Aimee mouthed to Trevor "this is it" with the same excitement seen on a child's face at Christmas.  She hoped it was the pronouncement of them as man and wife, but sadly it was not.  But that only made the real moment more sweet.

Aimee's friends and family sure know how to have a good time too!  I had so much fun filming them dancing, we stayed a little longer than expected.  And in a crazy twist of the universe, one of the guests was my best friend from 6th grade!  Crazy how small the world actually is!

Aimee and Trevor, thank you so much for having me as part of your wedding day!  It truly was a beautiful day!