Audry + Brian Wedding Sneak Peek | The Sanctuary, Sedalia, CO | Colorado Wedding Videographer

It's wedding season!!!  And I could totally add some more exclamation points on there.  But I won't, I'm an adult.  And what better way to kick off the wedding season than an unseasonably warm March wedding!  Audry and Brian really lucked out!  80 degrees when this time last year we were getting over 20 inches of snow!  But their day was so beautiful and you could see into the vistas of Daniels Park for miles!

Audry and Brian opted for a first touch, which was so unique and special.  They read hand written notes and prayed before their ceremony.  A fun alternative to a first look!  Their friends and family sure know how to have a good time too!  It didn't take much to get them on the dance floor!  An just try to keep your mouth closed when you are checking out their bride and groom portraits!

Audry and Brian, it was such an honor to film your wedding and such a great way to kick off the season!  Enjoy!

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