Hannah + Gurjeet Wedding Sneak Peek | Lionsgate Event Center, Lafayette, CO | Colorado Wedding Videographer


In college, I had to take a world cinema course.  It was a 4 hour class that consisted of a lecture and then we watched a movie.  I know, seems easy right, well there were essays involved too.  But, when we got to Indian and Bollywood cinema, I fell in love.  The colors, the music, the traditions, even their symbolism entranced me.  When I started filming weddings, I always secretly hoped I would book an Indian wedding just so I could capture all the beauty and tradition that comes with it.  Which is lucky a former bride referred me to Hannah and Gurjeet and dreams came true!

Their Indian ceremony was so colorful, and musical.  Literally, almost the entire ceremony was music.  Hannah looked beautiful in red and gold with her bangles, and while Gurjeet may have been secretly annoyed by his veil, he had a never ending smile on his face.  The next day, they had their American ceremony, which was equally as beautiful, with Hannah's lacy white dress, and garden ceremony.  And then there was the dancing... a non stop party with all their family and friends.

Hannah and Gurjeet, thank you so much for allowing us to capture your wedding days!  Both cultures come together to create this gorgeous film, just as you two have come together to create a beautiful union.  I wish you all the love and happiness in your future together!

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