How Much Coverage Do I Need? | FAQ's | Wedding Videography Blog

When couples begin their search for videographers and photographers, they are often presented with packages, a-la-cart options, and boundless options to decide how to best encapsulate your wedding day.  It can be overwhelming.  Do you need a USB of your films?  Is a 7x9 foot canvas overkill?  Ultimately it's up to you, but I'm hoping to help with at least one aspect, coverage times.

I get asked this question a lot during consultations with potential couples.  "How much time do we really need?".  The answer is a little foggy though.  It comes down to what is most important to you.  Are you dreaming of images of your maids getting their hair and make up done while sipping mimosas, or a peek into what your groom was up to while you were being pampered?  Have you expertly choreographed a dance to exit the reception?  When you think of your wedding film, what's included?  Unfortunately this isn't a question I can answer for you.  But, I can give you some guidance.

I always tell my couples that they will be the happiest if they decide to include every aspect of their wedding in their film.  I'm not saying that we show up at your house to film you getting out of bed that morning, but simply to touch on everything going on that day.  I recommend to have us arrive when the bride is starting hair and make up and to leave about an hour into the dancing.  We capture getting ready and the excitement leading up to the ceremony, the ceremony, cocktail hour, speeches, first dances, and the all important party time.  But again, whether that is 6 hours, 8 hours, or 10 hours is up to you and your timeline.

I find the majority of weddings fit in that magic 8 hour window.  It gives us time to float between bridal prep, groom prep, and the prep that goes into making your event, your event (like decorating and set up).  By the time we leave, the party is still swinging, but hasn't become too rowdy or too dead.  But if you are not interested in prep and have an amazing exit planned, you might shift those hours, or cut back all together. 

Your wedding is so unique, so every package and every coverage time should be too!  If you are looking for a wedding videographer for your wedding, I'd love the opportunity to talk to you about my packages or how I can customize one to fit your specific needs!  No matter the amount of time, you are sure to get a beautiful, cinematic film to remember your special day.