Jeanna + Cesar A Love Story | Golden, CO | Colorado Engagement Videographer

Have I ever mentioned how much I love a good story?  I'm sure I have... and I'll say it again, I love a good story.  Jeanna and Cesar's love story is one of those straight out of a movie.  If you are into the showbiz terms, they totally have a "meet cute".  I'll let them tell the story though.

I first met Jeanna and Cesar when they won this Love Story film at the Wedding Wars Bridal Show earlier this year.  They are quirky, silly, and they have a playful kind of love.  They are also excellent at being filmed.  I would start to put them in a pose and they totally just sunk into exactly what I wanted, no problem.  They are just so comfortable and so in sync they perfectly melted together.

Jeanna and Cesar, thank you for sharing your story with me!  I had a fantastic time filming and getting to know you!