Jenifer + Justin, a Love Story | Breckenridge, CO | Colorado Wedding Videographer

The best thing about Love Story Films, is that I'm able to get to know my couple prior to their wedding day.  I love hearing their story, seeing them interact together, and learning more about their personalities.  Jenifer and Justin have an adorable story!  I've worked with couples who were high school sweet hearts, but these two are middle school sweethearts.  And they are still so young at heart.  Their love is playful, familiar, and deep.  They make each other better and I can only imagine what a lifetime together will do. 

I spend a lot of time in Breckenridge, it's one of my favorite towns, so I suggested we head up there for Jenifer and Justin's shoot.  They wanted a mountain feel for their engagement session, and it doesn't get more mountain-y than a Colorado ski town!  The weather was gorgeous, if not a little cold, and we rewarded ourselves with a job well done at Crepes-a la-Carte.  A place they had been talking about since we started!  I probably should have warned them that the crepes were filling, but Justin did admirably taking down two of three.  I had one with my hot chocolate, which I desperately needed for my rapidly freezing fingers.

I'm so excited for Jenifer and Justin's August wedding in Denver!  I'm looking forward to their laughter, love, and the beginning of a lifetime of happiness.

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