Lauren + John Wedding Sneak Peek | Spruce Mountain Ranch, Larkspur, CO | Colorado Wedding Videographer

I've had the pleasure of seeing a majority of Lauren and John's life together unfold.  I remember the first time I met Lauren, she was dressed as a skeleton at a Halloween party, and I thought she was so cool.  The first time I met John was at a sushi place for a birthday celebration, and we bonded over the fact that neither of us ate sushi.  It's crazy to believe that they are now married!  And I am so honored that they allowed me to capture their unforgettable day.

Lauren and John's wedding was also unique as I wasn't stepping into a room full of strangers and telling them what to do.  Lauren coaches dance alongside my husband Tori, so I knew a good chunk of the bridal party and the guests.  It was really fun to interact with them in a new way and capture them cutting it up on the dance floor.

I think the wow factor of the day was not only Lauren's gorgeous dress, but the hilarious dance her brother (masked by a horse head) did to Shout.  I about died, and could not believe his energy level!  It certainly was fun to film!  Lauren and John are so sweet together, and it was such a pleasure to not only be a part of their lives, but of their wedding day as well!

Lauren and John, I wish you all the happiness in your new life together!  And I hope you enjoy this quick look at your wedding day!