Malorie + Danny, The Happiest | The Sanctuary Golf Course | Colorado Wedding Videographer


Malorie is an old friend of mine.  We used to do gymnastics together way back when, and I just love it with past friends allow me to capture their wedding day!  It just makes it extra special for me.  it's crazy to see how she's grown up and the loving relationship she has with Danny.  Danny is funny, determined, and the way he looks at my friend is all anyone could ask for!  Their wedding at The Sanctuary Golf Course in Sadalia was to die for as well!  Danny's family owns a few Mexican restaurants (that just happen to be my favorite) and their Mariachi band was there to celebrate the couple and serenade the guest at cocktail hour.  It was definitely a first for me!  And let's not forget about the epic sunset the venue provides!

Mal and Danny, thank you so much for allowing me to capture your wedding day!  It truly was an amazing day!  I wish you guys all the best in your future together!!

The People who made it happen:

Venue: The Sanctuary Golf Course
Coordinator: Steffany Howard
DJ: Elite DJ
Hair and Makeup: Vivid Boutique & Salon
Dress: d'Anelli Bridal
Floral: Flower Power Wash Park