Mara + Tim | A Love Story | Colorado Wedding Videographer

When I first started setting up Mara and Tim's love story filming, one of the first things she told me was "we don't really like the cold", so naturally I thought we should go to Wash Park!  Ok, we settled on Wash Park and Sugar Bake Shop!

Sometimes I don't get to meet my couples until their filming day for various reasons.  But I got to meet Mara and Tim on their whirlwind stop in Denver all the way from Australia.  Tim is from there originally and Mara knew she had a good thing and moved over there with him.  Mara also told me Tim might be a little camera shy, but you'll see, he is clearly not!

They have the type of love that I love to film!  Comfortable with each other, quick to laugh, and truly best friends.  It's easy to give one little direction and then hang back while things just develop on their own.  I asked them to type up a love note to each other on the vintage typewriter, and even though the M had some trouble, they still managed to say some... eh... sweet words (I think most of it was an inside joke ;)). 

You might want to make sure you aren't drinking some kind of beverage for this, because their proposal story is the best!  Typically, my couples opt to tell their story together, but Mara and Tim wanted to tell theirs separately, and each account makes the story that much sweeter!

I can't wait to film Mara and Tim's wedding this summer at the venue I was married at so long ago!  I haven't been back since and I'm excited to see these two start a new adventure together!

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