Megan + Jared Wedding Sneak Peek | Castle Rock, CO | Colorado Wedding Videographer

Over drinks and delicious appetizers, Megan and Jared promised their wedding would be incredibly fun.  They told me they had an amazing group of people attending, their food would be top notch, and they would dance the night away.  Well they delivered!  I'm sure it will be apparent by watching their sneak peek that everyone had an amazing time at Megan and Jared's wedding.  And I can personally confess the food was awesome!  There was even a 17 year old giant bottle of champagne opened!

Megan and Jared are such a sweet couple.  When I met them a few weeks prior to their event, it felt like spending time with old friends.  They are so quick to embrace everyone around them, and they keep everyone in their life close.  That's why their relationship is so special.  They love everyone, but they save a special kind of love for each other.  It's deeper, fuller, and full of playful energy.  Anyone can see they are best friends, and that is the best part about being married and having a partner in life.

Congratulations Megan and Jared!  We had such a great time filming your wedding!  Though I was slightly nervous about that champagne cork bouncing around and hitting me in the head!  I hope you enjoy looking back on your special day now and for years to come!

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