Stephanie + Brian Wedding Sneak Peek | Parker, CO | Colorado Wedding Videographer

I like to put a microphone on the groom during the ceremony so I can be sure to get great audio from the groom and it also picks up the bride.  I usually grab it from him shortly after the ceremony, but in Brian's case, I forgot.  They walked through a sea of bubbles to their limo and took off for the next twenty minutes.

Faced with an audio file over an hour long, I sat down the next day and scrubbed through.  I was trying to find the ceremony, but came across some of their conversation in the limo.  I almost clicked away, feeling guilty for listening in on their private conversation, until I realized what they were talking about.  Brain told his new wife he was so nervous about the ceremony and the wedding, but the second he saw her walk down the aisle, all his anxiety melted away.

That's Stephanie and Brian, they truly are a perfect pair.  Like Mac n' Cheese, PB&J, they just go together, compliment one another, and complete each other.  They had such a beautiful wedding at Cherry Hill Chapel and reception at Villa Parker.  Their friends and family radiated with excitement for the new couple.  And I was able to hear one of the best Father of the Bride speeches ever!

Thank you to Stephanie and Brian for allowing me to be a part of their special day!  It truly was an honor!  You might remember them from their Love Story early this year.  If you'd like to learn more about their road to the aisle, watch it here!