Welcome Baby Bridger! | A Birth Story | Colorado New Born and Birth Videographer

Having a child is a life changing experience.  It's not new information.  If you've had a child, you know first hand how your life can be tipped sideways.  And if you don't have a child, you have probably seen or heard about the whole life changing aspect of it.  But, it's always a change for good.

I'm so honored that Megan and Tyler allowed me to be there at the start of their journey.  And it was quite an adventure in itself.  This is my first ever birth video and as the day loomed nearer, the logistics began to cave in on me.  "I'd love to have a glass of wine, but what if Megan goes into labor and I'm not fit to drive to the hospital?"  "I better get some sleep in case I get a call at 3 AM."  "Oh no, my parents and my husband are leaving town and she's overdue!  What poor soul will take my daughter last minute in the middle of the night?"  I tend to overthink, but the thoughts still weighed heavy. 

Sure enough, at 9 PM on Wednesday February 17th, I get a text, "My water broke, we are heading in."  I told Tyler to keep me posted and around 11 PM I headed to bed.  3 AM, I get another text, that Megan is at 6 cm and with the hospital about an hour away from me, I dragged myself out of bed and headed out.  By the time I arrived, Megan was feeling good with her epidural, and both soon to be mom and dad were trying to get some sleep.  I wandered around filming a few things, anxious for the main event, which little did I know was pretty far off.  Around 9AM Thursday morning Megan started her active labor to get baby out.  The poor thing pushed for 3 hours!  Baby Bridger was stubborn!  But at 11:33 AM Thursday, February 18th, 2016 a healthy and beautiful baby boy was born.  I'm actually surprised that the footage is not completely all over the place as I could feel my body shaking with emotion.  It was such a beautiful moment and I'm so happy I was able to capture it for Megan and Tyler!

Megan and Tyler, thank you again for allowing me to share this moment with you!  That baby is absolutely amazing, and I hope you two enjoy being parents, because it is the craziest, messiest, happiest, and most amazing adventure ever!  Be sure to stay tuned for Bridger's new born photos soon!