You're a Good Mom | Hemmed In Promotional Video | Colorado Small Business Videographer

I'm callin' it ladies.  Being a mom kinda sucks.  There are so many days we want to scream, cry, go to the store for milk and never come back.  But everyday we schlep back home with the milk, we kiss self inflicted ouchies from tantrums we are trying to ignore, we feed them...  And we do it over and over because we love those tiny love terrorists.  We've loved them since we saw that plus sign on the pregnancy test, since we first heard their heart beat, first held them in our arms.  And it's that undying, unwavering, and unconditional love that makes you a GOOD MOM and what makes it the best job in the world!  Give yourself grace for yelling, forgetting it was cowboy day at school, not cutting the sandwich diagonally.  Give yourself grace because you love your kids and you are a good mom.

I want to introduce you to my new friend Wendy.  She's the owner and mastermind behind Hemmed In, which on the surface sells an amazing 3-in-1 product for new moms, but her mission is far deeper.  When Wendy contacted me about her #youreagoodmom campaign, I knew I had to work with her!  Her message hit home, and I loved what she was doing for moms and women in a most genuine and selfless way.  Because life is hard enough and you don't need judgement as you drag your screaming toddler through Target, her movement reaches out to moms beyond the computer, beyond the phone, and puts a tangible object in our hands.  A reminder that no matter what, YOU are a good mom.  I highly encourage you to join her and grab a set of her cards!  Let the mama tribe in your life know you think they are a good mom.  Hand one off with a sweet note to a stranger in the store.  Join the social media movement by using #youreagoodmom.  It's something we don't hear enough and something that is beyond uplifting! 

Ok I'm tearing up writing this one... So I'm just going to let Wendy explain it further.