Brand Stories

As a fellow business owner I know your business is your baby and you have a fierce passion for what you do. So let’s show that to your clients and potential clients! Together, we’ll craft a beautiful film not just telling your clients why you love what you do, but show them in an emotional and visual way! A video is far more powerful than words on the screen and it allows your potential clients to get to know you before making any kind of contact.

We also help with subscription videos, vlog posts, YouTube channels, online courses, and anything video for your business! Reach out and tell us about your dream project, because we are so excited to bring it to life!

Our Films

Here are just a few samples of the video work we do. Remember that we are video professionals and we can help bring any vision to life. Just reach out and tell us what you are envisioning!

We The Light Photography

Larissa is an energetic, passionate, and soul fulfilling photographer based out of Colorado. She wanted a video that shared her passion for photographing couples and showcased her fun, upbeat personality. She also wanted prospective couples to see what it was like to have a session with her. Her video allows her to “meet” couples right when they arrive to her website, setting her apart from other wedding and elopement photographers in the area.

Lifting the Dream

It was so fun to pull together this energetic short film for Lifting the Dream. They wanted a fast paced film to showcase their unique wrist wraps and knee sleeves to match the energy of the CrossFit community that they target. They also make those cute t-shirts! Their video is a great way to grab someone’s attention on social media and reel them in and show just how functional your product is.

Silver Sparrow Photography

Sunshine came to me with a distinct vision. She was starting a new line of portraits and wanted a video that could showcase exactly what these portraits would emote. They weren’t just photos to hang on the wall, they fully encompassed a person, and she wanted to capture the emotionality behind that. Videos that ooze passion are some of my favorites! They tell a brand’s story, allows the business owner to connect with potential clients and allows those clients to put them selves into the situation and click that “contact us” button!

I’m Unique / Day Of Yoga

I was thrilled when LuLuLemon reached out about a video project for a local non-profit yoga company. But as I was filming I found a deeper connection to the message and mission of I’m Unique. They bring together people of all walks of life and practice yoga together to break down social barriers and stigmas and connect through the healing of movement. They also do great things for the community like passing out water bottles to the homeless after their classes. Their prompt of “Yoga is Yours” wove their film together to tell their story and share their mission with the world.


Our Photos

What better way to compliment your branding film then with branding photos that not only match your brand, but your brand video as well. All pulled into one clean look. We offer branding photos to keep your social media looking clean and consistent.


Raving Fans

We can tell you how amazing a video is until the cows come home, but we love hearing from our former clients how a video has helped their business grow and thrive.

KELSEY IS A GEM!!!!!! She shot and edited a branding video for my photography business and I STILL cry every time I watch it! I couldn’t have imagined it ever being as good as it is. I have received so much positive feedback from the video and am so excited to use it to show my clients who I and my business truly are.
— Larissa Welch, We The Light Photography
Kelsey Luciano Productions was so easy to work with. She collaborated with me on my vision for my business branding video, vs dictating or letting me drive the project. [She] was the first to deliver a first draft that was soooo close to the final. That speaks to how well she listens and observes. Watching the final video, I feel really proud of what I do. Seeing myself work from the outside was an amazing benefit of hiring Kelsey.
— Lynn Clark, Lynn Clark Portraits

Are you ready to put your best brand forward and show your potential, current, and past clients who you are and how amazing it is to work with you? Then reach out, because I would love to help you tell your story!

Branding Pricing

Our branding films start at $700 and include 2 hours of filming, a 30-60 second branding film, and a branded opening and closing.

Branding video and photo packages start at $1,200. We also offer quarterly subscriptions.

Please inquire for a more comprehensive quote to suit your needs!